1. 14 May, 2019 7 commits
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      (cargo-release) version 0.5.6 · 05850cea
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      Some repo cleanup and fixing docs · 90b6cd2f
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      (cargo-release) version 0.5.5 · 8b671a65
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      Removing the `debugging_types` test · 955d1baf
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      This test was meant to make sure that the internal layout and
      representation of a type doesn't change. Since we aren't actually
      stable yet (i.e. `1.0.0`) this isn't really required or a good
      idea. There've been a few breakages recently because of this test and
      it's getting annoying to debug.
      So we're removing it for now. Maybe at some point in the future we can
      add another type of tests that does a similar thing again...
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      Making diesel integration code backend configurable (#60) (fixes #59) · c6232ed8
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      * Making diesel integration code backend configurable
      This is a first attempt at solving the problem that diesel doesn't
      tell us what kind of migration is being run, just demanding an Sql
      back from us. We could probably fix this in a nicer way on diesel's
      side (i.e. changing the API) but that is a lot more work that just
      getting it to work now.
      This change assumes that `barrel` is only being compiled with a single
      feature, meaning that whenever adding `barrel` to your `diesel` setup,
      you can only select one backend.
      ### Additional commits
      * Adjusting travis-ci builds to not include unbuildable feature sets
      * Fixing the format string issue and cleaning up code
      * Updating the diesel guide to mention how to switch SQL flavour
      * Fixing sqlite3 feature name
      * Adjusting debug printing to new output
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      Initial `index` support (#63) fixes #54 · 8ec3649e
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      * Changing the initial library pitch
      * Adding `index` types and builders
      * Starting work on backend generators
      * Adding `add_index` and `drop_index` outer API functions
      * Adding index creation for sqlite3
      * Some minor cleanups in the Sqlite3 module
      * Adding simple Postgres index builder
      * Adding mysql backend
      * Fixing feature gates
      * Tweaking the `primary()` builder output under the hood
      * Hooking up index creation to `make()` function
      * Changing a test to be in-line with the new Debug output
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