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      ratman/dashboard: Refresh models periodically · a0512fac
      embr authored
      Having auto-updating metrics on the front page is imo neat, and also kind
      of necessary because of how the metrics work (deltas between polls).
      But if one thing is visibly auto-updating, and nothing else does (new peers
      need a full-page load to show up), that's not neat, it's just confusing UX.
      This polls the model of all active routes for updates every 5s, waiting for
      the previous refresh to finish before kicking off another one to avoid a
      thundering herd.
      In webapp terms, a poll every 5s might sound like a lot, but remember that
      we're expecting this to have roughly one concurrent user, on the same host
      as the daemon, making 2 requests (metrics + model) every 5s.
      If that starts causing serious load on the daemon, that's a bug in the API.
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