Verified Commit e6d40e34 authored by Katharina Fey's avatar Katharina Fey 🏴
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Fixing a compile issue

parent a3ca35f6
use actix_web::{http, HttpMessage, server, App, HttpRequest, Json, Responder};
use actix_web::{http, server, App, HttpMessage, HttpRequest, Json, Responder};
use libforge::clap::{App as ClapApp, Arg, ArgMatches};
use std::convert::From;
use std::env;
......@@ -73,9 +73,7 @@ fn main() {
let route = params.route.clone();
server::new(move || {
App::new().resource(&params.bind, |r| {
App::new().resource(&route, |r| r.method(http::Method::POST).f(handle_token))
}).bind(&format!("{}:{}", params.bind, params.port))
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