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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • C: API
    we / irdest
    Changes made to developer UX
  • C: Clients
    we / irdest
    Component: any application built on top of the Ratman core
  • C: Docs
    we / irdest
    Related to Documentation tasks
  • C: FFI
    we / irdest
    Component: android-support, and other FFI components
  • C: netmod/ drivers
    we / irdest
    Component: Netmod drivers
  • C: routing
    we / irdest
    Component: routing mechanism inside ratman
  • C: Storage
    we / irdest
    Component: frame journal and disk storage
  • Issues related to CI and testing
  • L: good first issue
    we / irdest
    General label: good first issue
  • L: help wanted
    we / irdest
    General label: help wanted
  • L: Internships
    we / irdest
    General label: GSoC or Outreachy internships
  • L: please review
    we / irdest
    General label: user/ third-party review welcome
  • An issue that tracks progress
  • P: Android
    we / irdest
    Platform Android mobile
  • P: BSD
    we / irdest
    An issue affecting BSD systems
  • P: Linux
    we / irdest
    Platform: linux
  • P: MacOS
    we / irdest
    An issue affecting MacOS
  • P: Nix/ CI
    we / irdest
    Platform: Nix/ CI builds
  • P: Windows
    we / irdest
    An issue affecting Windows
  • S: In Progress
    we / irdest
    Issues that are currently being worked on