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Skeleton of andtoid VPN

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Skeleton of Android VPN

🎢 If the IrdestProxy server is running on an external machine, I can connect it and catch packets from a specific app and send them to the proxy server. However, I don't know if I can send the packets out again by running a proxy server in the app. Currently, the Android VPN service cannot send packets to the outside after the VPN tunnel is built. More precisely, it can only send packets through the protected tunnel. Another way, as you asked before, is to allow this VPN app to filter only packets from a specific range of IP addresses and allow the rest of the apps to freely connect to external networks. But I don't know how you intend to solve the problem. let me know what you think🍬

🚧 I've written down the description of running the app here.

🧩 I would appreciate any feedback you can give.

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